2020 has a lot of surprises coming up in tech and a lot of technology building on what 2019 brought. More and more companies are announcing devices with foldable screens, some a battery change sharing is becoming increasingly popular. As are many new advances several sources predicting self-driving cars to become a priority and more advancements to be made in that department. Translation software is making advancements in conversation abilities, so apps are more fluent and easier to understand. 5G for all, while there has been an increase in places with 5G coverage there is still a long way to go for increased creased spreads across the nation. With so much going on in technology this year, James has broken down the things to watch for this year in tech.

Here’s what’s coming:

Foldable Screens:

Foldable screens hit the shelves with the Samsung Galaxy Fold in September of 2019. This was a relaunch because the pre-launch uncovered some unfortunate design errors that made the Fold easy to destroy by accident. The redesigned product accounted for those issues and only delayed the launch for 5 months. Soon after the Fold was released Motorola released a foldable phone as well. Now TCL has rumored plans of a tri-fold screen that will add another layer to foldable screen technology. 

The folding style is different for each new release but the overall material technology is the same. A bendable polymer that resembles glass is flexible and durable. 2020 is already set to bring more foldable devices and screen styles. Samsung, Motorola, and TCL have all announced and released very different foldable screens, and 2020 promises to bring more.  

Self-Driving Cars:

Self-driving cars are still a ways off from the long-awaited for flying cars that the 1980’s classic Back to the Future, said we would have by now. However, they are still a cool piece of technology that has been in the works for some time now. With Las Vegas allowing them within their city limits as vehicles, we are ever closer to less human error while driving on the roads.

Obviously, Tesla garners most of the autonomous vehicle market press but other significant players include Waymo LLC which is also a self-driving technology company. Waymo LLC is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc that is owned by Google. Waymo originated as a project of Google before it became a stand-alone subsidiary in December 2016.

The 2020 advancements are key for more cities allowing self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are statistically safer than human-driven cars, however, because they do still get in some accidents they are not yet trusted in most places.  

Translation Software:

Translation software is not new, but it does have its flaws. There is a lot of translation software that misses a few points and slang in conversation. New advancements will make translation software conversational. And 2020 might just be that year that happens. Opening up new Opportunities and easy for travel and adventure around the world.   

5G Networks: 

5G is hitting large and medium cities and starting to make its way to the small regions as well. Fast speeds and better searching on the go and better mobile work options. This advancement in speed will be one of the biggest game-changers in 2020. Being able to work faster and in more places than ever before. 4G will feel like 90s dial-up speed once 5G hits your city. 

Computer Glasses:

Glasses that become your screen are on there way to becoming a product. All the spy movie gadget glasses could become a reality in 2020. Imagine being able to binge watch on your glasses anywhere you are. Or not having to glance down at your navigation because everything will be right there at eye level. This product could come with some safety concerns and have a prolonged test period before hitting the shelves.  

Other Advancements: 

What 2020 tech are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments below.

Blockchain and VR (Virtual Reality) are advancing and becoming more used and understood. Blockchain will be more widely known and understood piece of currency encrypting technology. VR is also expected to be used more widely and continues to advance in 2020. New devices and gadgets will be coming all year long. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what 2020 brings this year in tech. 




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