Every workplace uses technology in some way shape or form. There is always something new coming around the corner that is designed to make work easier, or at least that’s the hope.

Voice command system, business analytics, user friendly interfaces for customer resource management applications and in general, online office platforms from cloud providers instead of licensed products on your desktop/server.

The key is to determine which tools and technologies to use and leverage that will make your life easier and your business better. Isn’t that the desire of most business leaders?

The hope is that all this technological improvement will help you save time, save money and give you a competitive advantage over your competition.

The net result of using technology can be seen in the way it helps you deliver better products and services to your clients and isn’t that the end goal? Happy clients typically correlates to more customers.

The need for businesses to leverage technology is critical and the complexity to do it right is increasing.

The need to leverage and improve the technology inside your SMB business is not limited to the large corporations. Every industry can benefit from technology advancements but industries like Healthcare, Banking, Legal Firms, Account Firms, Real Estate, and Construction companies need to make smart cost effective choices the first time.


When looking for a qualified IT Managed Service Provider in the Healthcare industry you need someone with HIPAA experience that understands your ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) backend systems so they can keep them safe. With so much personal information stored at medical centers,  IT is a must. With the right IT also comes convenience. You need to have redundant data, some on-site, some off-site and possibly some in the cloud with a qualified cloud backup service provider. Redundancy is key to avoid ransomware. Healthcare has many IT needs no matter the size of the clinic, practice, or hospital.    


Banking is one of the fastest-growing industries for technology. Brick and mortar banking buildings are becoming less common and more on-line eBanking is becoming the norm. With banking apps, mobile wallets, and personal money transfer apps making personal information more vulnerable than ever before.

Banking technology needs the most advanced and airtight security best practices to keep personal information safe. We can no longer afford a laps our computer operating system or critical applications when people depend on your app to transfer and manage their money. Internal Banking IT Services are the digital vault that holds personal and important information from the hacking bank robbers.  

Law Firms

Law firms contain significant confidential and personal information that they are required to keep private. Therefore, it is critical to have digital records backed up and properly secured especially in a way to recover quickly and accurately stored case files. If done right, with the correct attention to workflow through the use of business logic there are ways legal offices can leverage technology to create better outcomes for their clients. Being able to search with confidence and find legal precedent cases faster is a great way to cut costs and stress.

Accounting Firms

Technology lies at the heart of today’s accounting firm. It’s vital to support tax preparation, accounting and auditing activities. The problem is that there are countless products and services on the market. The critical question becomes how do you choose the right technology for your firm and what technology company can help you in this process. At times it may feel like a daunting task. If done right, you get better workflow and increased productivity.

We all understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics advancements are able to automate complex and repetitive tasks and processes. And these technologies can produce highly accuracy results which reduce operating costs and increase overall efficiency. Accountants are becoming ever more dependent on their mobile devices to access data and mobile connectivity can bridges accountants and their clients together. And let’s not forget social media which has become an essential tool for accounting firms wanting to engage with their current and potential clients while expanding their brand recognition.

Accounting firms need to embrace the rapid advances in technology if they want to remain relevant in their industry. Accounting firms will need to utilize IT Managed Services to staying up-to-date with technological trends, optimizing and adapting current accounting software advancements to meet the needs of their firm and clients.

Real Estate

Client information (property listings and client financial information) are all the things that need to be tracked and kept secure. Keeping track of that much personal information can be overwhelming. Having the right IT Managed Services Provider takes a lot of that stress away. You know that your clients most personal information is secure and backed up to a secure location so if you ever have a system crash or ransomware it won’t take long to get you back up and running. 

In real estate your face and name are everything. A website is a great way to be recognized and an easy way to direct search traffic to you but all that can be compromised in the blink of a eye by a flawed IT Security solution. Having a beautifully designed and expertly built website will help you stand out and a step above the rest but it begins with a solid security model.


Project bids, contracts, material orders, and permits are a lot to keep track of.  Having the right technology will make that easier. Technology is being used for construction sites, but it’s also being used to construction building materials. Material designers are able to use science and technology to design stronger products with more cost effective materials. Every level of construction will benefit from technology solutions provided they have the right IT Managed Service Provider. Worksites, labor, materials, project bid optimization and more can all be improved with IT Managed Services.

IT Managed Services Providers

The thing everyone knows about IT is when something goes wrong there are extra fees or overtime cost to fix the issue. There are some IT Services Providers who operate on a fixed price model. This is because they work to drive the problems out of the environment – that’s how they make their money. They recognize that a clean, highly throughout infrastructure and design leads to fewer problems for the client and the Managed Service Provider. That way clients can focus on their core business which is not IT. Look for those Managed Service Providers who have a fixed price monthly service for all hardware, software and services.

A professional Managed Services Provider can increase your bottom-line from 25% to 35% which will allow you to grow your business and provide better services to your clients.

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